Stoplight Golight

Time Made Simple

Made for kids, the Stoplight Golight helps everyone manage time! The red light/green light concept is easily understood by the entire family, even children as young as 3.

Johnny Calderon5 Star Amazon Review
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Great product, excellent quality, use batteries or AC adapter (included), very easy to use and it has a lil trick so kids don't mess up with the timer if they push buttons. Instructions are clear, it is just a timer so you don't have to setup date and or time, just set for how many hours and/or minutes you want the red light to be on and turn the sound if you want and presto.
A. J. Robbins5 Star Amazon Review
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This was a great find! My son has autism and since he was a baby he loved street lights and street signs of all kinds! this is helping him with understand time and patience until he can have candy or until we leave to go somewhere. It helps cut down on the constant questions that he often does which allows his anxiety to lessen and he understand and patience grow. He can’t mess with it he hasn’t figured out how to yet anyway once set it’s set! The only thing is the yellow light doesn’t work it’s just for show I wish they’d figure out how to get it to also be usable. My son would probably love knowing when the green light is getting closer and yellow might help too!
Cara Mahler5 Star Amazon Review
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This is a genius idea! The product is smaller than you might imagine, but I found it is the perfect size for its use. The red light isn’t too bright and it works perfectly for keeping my 3 year old in bed until the designated time in the morning. I have watched him wake earlier, glance at the red light, then turn over to go back to sleep until it turns green. Hooray!!! I’m excited that unlike the stoplight “alarm clocks” on the market, this will continue to be useful to our family in the future for reading goals, screen time limits and incessant “is it time to go yet?” questions. They are quick to respond via email or their Facebook page if you have an issue. Two thumbs WAY up!
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