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 “I had no idea about this red light/green light timer, I bought it after a sleep training specialist recommended it to us, this works really well like a visual guide for our child to know when is time to stay in his room.  I do recommend it to a friend!

Jadson F.

“Has changed my 2 1/2 year old's sleep completely. He loves the independence of coming out of his room when it's green. I love this thing.”

Shannon T.

 “One of my favorite products, EVER! Makes naptime battles and early morning wakeups a thing of the past.”


“This is awesome . . . it works miracles when lit up. I would definitely recommend to other buyers, especially teachers.”

Susan L.

“ As a matter of fact, when I use it for my 5 1/2 year old's reading time...she typically reads for 5 extra minutes everytime, because she doesn't realize the light has turned green (since I don't use the audible alarm). Haha! Gotcha!”


“Homeschool Magic.  This has helped our homeschoolers with timing their seat work. Even my potty trainer knows how long to "sit and wait" with a little traffic light.”

Dana W.

 “I love my stop light go light timer!  I use it in my speech therapy sessions to help give a visual prompt to assist in transitioning from activity to activity. I encourage my parents with kids with autism to use it to help with transitions at home.  It has been a great product for children with special needs and I highly recommend it!

Kyla S., M.S., CCC-SLP

 “Love that I can control good behavior tasks (waking up late (for mom and dad), reading, teeth brushing, etc.), as well as not so good behavior tasks (timeouts, etc.) with a couple of clicks of my Stoplight Golight!”

Anne Z.

“Great Time Management.  Convenient way to implement time management for the little ones”

Adrianne C.

Time made simple