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Stoplight Golight Kids Timer

The Stoplight Golight is a kids timer that helps everyone manage time. The concept is easily relatable to everyone - even children as young as two. The RED light signifies to STOP, focus, and complete the task.  When the green light illuminates, this means time is up, and it’s time to GO!  Simply set the desired amount of time on your kid's task timer and press start.  The red light illuminates and time counts down. When the time is up, the red light turns off and the green light turns on.  It's time to GO!

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  • Kids timer can be set for 0-15 hours, and 0-59 minutes.
  • Optional audible alarm included
  • AC adaptor included
  • 4 AAA batteries required, not included
  • Dimensions 5.5”H x 3.5”W x 2.0”D
  • Patent US 8,547,801 B2

*90 day return policy on any defective merchandise

* The Yellow Light *

In case there is any confusion, the yellow light is for aesthetics only. We considered having it utilized during the development process and realized it would take up too much battery power. We wanted to make the timer portable and for that, we had to use battery power, but we didn't want our customers having to change batteries often - that can get expensive.