About Us

The Stoplight Golight Timer is a product developed by two moms who happen to be sisters. So, one could say it’s a family affair. The inception of the idea happened with an onset of daylight savings time. ( You know the time of year when the sun comes up way too early and it gets light out before 6am?) Well, we as moms, did not want our children waking up so early; more importantly, we did not want to wake up so early!

We knew we NEEDED a time indicator for our young ones to understand...

Flash forward a couple of days, sitting at a stoplight when one of our two year olds said, “Red means Stop, Green means Go!” Boom the concept of the Stoplight Golight timer was born. The great thing is the design of the Stoplight Golight timer appeals to all ages.

We realized as our children were getting older we needed the Stoplight Golight timer for everyday tasks such as teeth brushing, getting ready for school, timeouts (not for our children :) ), homework, and reading time. We hope the Stoplight Golight Timer helps you and your family manage time easily throughout the day, night, and many years to come!