Stoplight Golight

This is only a timer. You set it for the number of hours and minutes (ex. 10 hrs and 30 min) and the light turns red. This instructs the user to “stop” and concentrate on the specified task. When time is up, the light turns green, signaling the user to “go” and move to the next task. There is an option of an audible alarm as well. The timer can be strictly visual, or visual AND audible.

There is a child-proofing measure. One of the engage buttons on either side must be pressed while the other buttons are being used. This allows for adults to easily set the timer, but makes it very difficult (nearly impossible) for small children to play with the buttons and change the settings.

You have to make sure that one of the Engage buttons (black buttons on the side) are pushed and held down and then you can work the buttons on the top. This is the “child-proofing” measure.

No. The yellow light is for aesthetics only. We considered having it utilized during the development process and realized it would take up too much battery power. We wanted to make the timer portable, and for that we had to use battery power. But, we didn’t want our customers having to change batteries often – that can get expensive.

While using the adapter, the green light stays on until you press any button on the timer. This, in turn, allows your child can sleep as long as he/she wants. Yay! When using battery power, the green light stays on for 5 minutes.

No. The green light turns off after 5 minutes when using battery power so that it can conserve your batteries. If using the adapter, the light will stay green until you press a button on the timer.

It is recommended to use the provided adapter whenever possible. The timer does have the option of battery power, but I would only use this periodically. When the batteries are low, a battery icon will illuminate on the LED screen.

The start/pause button on the top of the timer is used to begin the timer, as well as to pause it mid-task.

There is a buzzer sound if you turn on the audible alarm, but no snooze button.

Yes. We sell them directly – not through Amazon.

It is about 4” x 6”. It comes with an adapter and has the capability to be portable under battery power. The timer requires (4) AAA batteries if you do not plan on using the provided adapter.

It would take 1 click to turn off the green light, which would simultaneously reset the timer back to 0:00. Then, you would need to press the hour and/or minute buttons to your desired time allocation and hit start. So, maybe 3-4 seconds.

It needs to be manually reset after each use.