Stoplight Golight

Stoplight Golight

Made for kids, the Stoplight Golight helps everyone manage time! The concept is easily understood by all ages. Children as young as 2 years old can remember that the red light means STOP, focus, and complete the task. When the green light comes on, it means time is up, and it’s time to GO! Simply set the desired amount of time and press start. The red light illuminates and time starts counting down. When time is up, the green light illuminates. There’s even an optional alarm included!


The Stoplight Golight Timer was developed by two sisters, Whitney and Courtney, who are also moms. The catalyst? Daylight savings time — the part of the year when the sun comes up way too early and children wake up even earlier. As moms, their only thought was, How can we get the kids to sleep in later so we can sleep in later? They knew they needed a time indicator that their toddlers could understand. 


Aha Moment

A couple of days later, sitting at a stoplight with their kids, one little one piped up, “Red means stop, green means go!” Boom. The concept of the Stoplight Golight Timer was born.

Once the product was created, the sisters quickly realized that it would grow with their children, assisting them with everyday tasks like brushing their teeth, getting ready for school, completing chores, finishing homework, and reading books. Plus, it would come in handy for adults, too, as a way to unplug and unwind while still managing time effectively.

Whitney and Courtney hope that the Stoplight Golight Timer helps you and your family easily manage time throughout the day, night, and many years to come.